What we do

We help entrepreneurs get funded by teaching them how to turn their business into a must have investment. We offer group coaching and private consulting to entrepreneurs that are planning to use other people’s money to fund their operations.

To qualify you must have a business with real paying customers. You do not have to be making money, but you do need to have a product or service that people have demonstrated a willingness to buy.

Our process has generated over $100 million for our clients and takes 8 weeks to accomplish from start to finish. The process is easy to understand but is extremely rigorous. Expect to spend 15-20 hours per week for two months on the steps you will need to turn your business into a highly desirable investment.

DISCLAIMERS: We are not an investment firm and we do not broker deals. We do not work for equity. While we have an excellent track record we cannot make any guarantees your business will receive funding as every investor group makes their own decisions, and we have no way of knowing your background and abilities.

How we work

You will be guided through 8 critical transformational steps. Each step will take one week to accomplish. For each step you will be given the principles and key processes to accomplish the transformation inside your business.

Here’s what you get each week

  • Live 2-hour training
  • Specific instructions and action plan for you to implement that will reflect the unique attributes of your company as an investment opportunity
  • Principles, strategies, and tactics necessary to accomplish your goal
  • Case study examples of companies that have been successfully funded
  • Fill in the blank templates to simplify your tasks
  • Coaching

Each transformation answers a fundamental “How To” question that must be addressed prior to your company being investment ready.

Week 1: Understand the anatomy of an investment worthy business

Week 2:?Remove the big gotchas that stop investors cold in their track

Week 3:?Build your investor pitch so everyone gets it

Week 4:?Get legal so you can ask for a commitment on the spot

Week 5:?Create intrigue and scarcity marketing your investment

Week 6:?Pitch your deal to people that won’t waste your time

Week 7: Practice so you’re prepared

Week 8: Meet with investors for coaching feedback


About Mike Tobias

Mike Tobias is a serial entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas, who started his first company out of college at the age of 22. It grew to become the number one supplier in the world for air traffic control display systems.

Mike went from tech startup founder selling $300 PC graphics cards, to selling his company after landing a $10 million multi-year contract with Raytheon and the Federal Aviation Administration.

After that Mike went on to raise $65 million from Cisco, Texas Instruments, and Nortel for his second startup. He co-developed the patent used in modern day fiber-to-the-home telecommunications (think Verizon FIOS) and pioneered video technology that is used on platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

The journey allowed Mike to start investing in his friends’ businesses and helping them raise money for their startups. Mike eventually worked for a private equity firm in Dallas called Heartland Capital where he learned the investor side of the business. That experience is what launched CGO Partners which is where his true passion lies in helping entrepreneurs live out their dream of owning their own business.

Mike has helped his clients raise friends and family rounds as large as $3 million, early strategic rounds as high as $15 million, and a variety of seed, convertible debit, and venture debt deals. But most importantly he shows you how to preserve your equity and not give away the farm.

DISCLAIMER: The aforementioned results are not typical of all clients. They were hard working entrepreneurs who did what it took to make the necessary changes including pivoting their businesses to make them successful.

How to qualify

Due to the volume of applicants and the intensity of our program we only work with 5 companies every two months to make sure we serve them at the highest level. In order to qualify you will need to do the following:

  1. Schedule a free 15-minute strategy session call
  2. Fill out an online application prior to our strategy session
  3. Be ready to make a decision after our call

You must be willing and able to make a financial investment in your company. If you are unable to maintain operations prior to funding, we will not be able to help you. We wish you the best success, but our process demands continued operations and is not a fit for everyone.

There are plenty of incubators and other avenues for SBA loans and grants you can apply for and pursue that may be more suitable. Our process is geared towards those people who are looking for alternatives to putting a second mortgage on their home but are willing to if they had to because they are that committed to their business.

You should be prepared to have basic financial statements or at least a budget for your business. We will guide you through all the steps, but you will be expected to have a very basic understanding of business, accounting, sales, marketing, and operations.

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