My First Computer

By September 23, 2016Uncategorized

I was thinking about my first startup and that got me taking a walk down memory lane. Let me start by saying, “I’m only 54 and still love to play hockey.” However, when you think about how far technology has come since I got started, whoa.

I started programming computers in the basement of my high school on this thing…

teletype2This is a teletype terminal. It was connected to a main frame computer by a telephone and modem. imagesThe sound of the teletype┬áreminded me of the old WWII movies when the ticker tape informed the allies where the fighting was going on. I used it to learn to programming in a language called BASIC. That’s the starting point for Bill Gates story too. Between the two of us Bill and I are worth billions.

I used to program games I played with my grandpa, like tic-tac-toe and bingo on this computer. I also would grab board games from our family closet and turn them into computer programs. I was so desperate to have a computer that worked more like my television back then, but nobody had invited it yet.

The little thing on the left would print out and read paper tape. That’s how I stored my programs. This was way before floppy discs, let alone CD-ROM.

Tektronix_4014This was my dream job in college. Oh my gosh. I computer that you could tell how to draw! Pen up, pen down, move. These basic commands gave me everything I needed to make maps for the department of geography. I also had the fastest connection to the schools main frame computer. The internet hadn’t been invented yet. This is just another terminal to a main frame made by Tektronics. I was the cats meow on campus with this and a table top plotter.

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