Our vision is to help people take the next step on their journey as entrepreneurs.

We believe everyone has a next step to take. Whether you’ve been an entrepreneur for years or you’re brand new on your journey, we all have a next step. I’m on this journey as well, and I invite you to take the next step. With each next step we take, we discover deeper insight as to who we are as entrepreneurs, why we chose this path, and how to achieve breakthrough.

We ask, listen, and respond, and with each step we take we experience more of the freedom and security of having our own business.

OTHERS-FOCUSED – We focus on where you are in your journey and what you need to take a next step.

HIGH-CHARACTER – We do the right things even if it costs us money. Our integrity is our reputation.

LIFE GIVING – We want to give you hope and encouragement regardless of your circumstances.

Our Values

IDENTITY – We are entrepreneurs – When we identify ourselves from an entrepreneurial perspective we will be able to take the next step regardless of our past attempts. Entrepreneurs move forward. Success is a journey and often we simply need to learn from our mistakes, forgive ourselves, and move on.

RELATIONSHIP – Entrepreneurs cannot do it alone – A big dream takes a team. Teams get things done, therefore, our ability to build a strong network of relationships is key to our success.

PURPOSE – Every entrepreneur has a unique mission. Having an entrepreneurial perspective and surrounding ourselves with like-minded people will always lead to releasing our purpose.

Our Strategy

SERVE FIRST – the best way to build relationships is simply to offer help with nothing expected in return. We will serve our community at large by giving away value to our community. There are a myriad of topics we will cover. Our goal is to build a large resource for entrepreneurs using all forms of social media.

GROUPS – the mastermind principle. We organize ourselves in small groups and help each other breakthrough. Groups offer acceptance, advice and accountability.

BOOTCAMPS – get off to a fast start. From time to time we will develop bootcamps centered around common themes like Startup Bootcamp. These will be announced in the future as the needs of our community evolve.

INTENSIVES – sometimes members may need a deep dive on a particular topic like, strategizing over a pitch deck before getting in front of investors. Our intensives offer a way to get this type of support from experts.

We Are Looking For Strategic Partners, Sponsors And Mentors

If you can bring substantial value to our community of entrepreneurs we would like to talk with you about becoming a mentor, affiliate, sponsor or partner. We work everyday with entrepreneurs that have an incredible amount of drive and talent and we exist to support them. Our goal is to enable, develop and release new leaders to strengthen the community. Our desire is to build a brand that lifts the entire community. We are CGO Partners. If you feel you can serve our community than we are willing to share marketing and share leadership with you.


Meet the Partners


Mike Tobias is a serial entrepreneur who has raised over $80 million dollars for startup companies. He has a passion for working with entrepreneurs to help them grow their business and improve their lifestyles. He draws on more than 25 years of experience as a senior corporate executive and restructuring officer with companies across diverse industries, including digital media, technology, telecommunications, financial services and manufacturing.
Mr. Tobias’ first startup was funded through a management buyout, Tech Source became a global leader of video graphics boards used in Air Traffic Control. It was there that he worked his way from Software Engineer to President, CEO and Chairman. Mr. Tobias and his partners sold Tech Source to Eizo Technology in Japan.
Mr. Tobias second startup, SandStream was bootstrapped and then attracted private investors, strategic investors and technology giants Cisco Systems, Nortel and Texas Instruments. SandStream was a pioneer of video technology that is now popularly used on platforms like Netflix and Hulu. At SandStream Mr. Tobias co-developed the patent used in modern day fiber-to-the-home (think Verizon FIOS) telecommunications.
Mr. Tobias third startup, CGO Partners was created to help his friends get their businesses funded, fixed and sold. Since then he has amassed a trusted reputation to a wide range of entrepreneurs and investors.
Mr. Tobias serves on the boards of ArcherVision Media Group, Sprocket Networks, Ellum.net, o3Global.net, Byte Intelligent Systems, Wingmen Ministries and Online For Life. He has earned degrees in mathematics and computer science from Western Michigan University.


Mr. Sung was blessed to go fast and far in business, thanks to the members of the CEO Advisory Groups to which he belonged during the last 23 years. He was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and his company was 1 of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Dallas for 6 consecutive years.
Mr. Sung is an entrepreneur, inventor, engineer, turnaround specialist, sales/marketing growth leader and consultant who has more than 25 years of experience in running and operating businesses from industrial to consumer markets, domestic and international.
Mr. Sung was founder of Pest Off Products, a mosquito misting machine where he developed, patented and sold product to customers such as Home Depot, Frontgate and Hammacher Schlemmer.
A Cum Laude graduate from the University of Michigan Mr. Sung has served on several boards along with being has a member of YPO for over 15 years.


Mr. Scott is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive having served as a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Audit Committee of both publicly traded and privately held companies. He has served as both CEO and CFO of multiple technology and communications companies. Mr. Scott successfully raised money from Venture Capital firms in multiple start-up entities, led bank lending transactions with as many as 37 participant banks, and led one company through a successful IPO and subsequent Secondary offerings.
Mr. Scott’s career began in public accounting, after which he began pursuing a series of startup operations. The first was Paging Network, Inc., which was successfully built into the most successful paging company in the world, utilizing initial venture capital funding, successive bank financing arrangements, culminating in a successful Initial Public Offering, a secondary stock offering, and subsequent public debt offerings. This was followed by three additional startup operations, each of which completed multiple venture capital financing agreements, and each of which led to successful sales of the companies.